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The Gap & Lucifer’s Rebellion, Part 2: Where else could it have happened? [pdf & mp3]

Isaiah 14: Satan and His Original Sin

by Greg Kedrovsky

This lesson is the last half of the study on Lucifer’s rebellion which took place in the Gap. We’ve already seen his original state in Ezekiel 28.11-19, and now in this lesson we analyze Isaiah 14.12-17 which speaks more specifically about his rebellion and fall.

Again, one must ask himself: Where else could this have happened? If Adam’s sin (one bite from one piece of fruit) caused these 6,000 years of ruin, devastation, death, suffering, and misery, how much more damage would Lucifer’s rebellion have caused (he and one third of the angels tried to throw God off the throne of the universe)? If there is no Gap, there is no place in the Bible for Lucifer’s fall.