La primera parte de una lección sobre la rebelión de Lucero (Satanás). Este es el evento que causó la ruina de la creación que se ve en Génesis 1.2, después de la Brecha. Es un estudio bíblico en inglés de nuestro pastor, Greg Kedrovsky, que se puede encontrar en

The Gap & Lucifer’s Rebellion: Where else could it have happened? [pdf & mp3]

Ezekiel 28: Satan and His Original State

by Greg Kedrovsky

So far in our study we’ve seen quite a bit of biblical evidence for a Gap between Genesis 1.1 and 1.2. From what we have read and studied, it’s obvious that “something” happened after the perfect original creation of the world in Genesis 1.1. It caused a terrible catastrophe that resulted in the earth becoming without form, void, covered in darkness, and submerged in water.

That “something” that caused the ruin of God’s perfect creation was the sin and rebellion of the creation know before and Lucifer and known today as Satan and the Devil. There is absolutely no other logical (or biblical) place to put the rebellion, fall, and subsequent judgment of Lucifer other than the Gap of Genesis 1.1 and 1.2.

What happened exactly? What can we learn from Scripture about this being who thought he could take over God’s kingdom and reign on God’s thrown? That’s just what we want to find out in the lesson.

There are basically two key passages that speak of Lucifer and his fall: Ezekiel 28 and Isaiah 14.
In Ezekiel 29.11-19 God gives us quite a few details about Lucifer in his original state. This passage also mentions his sin, rebellion, and judgment.Isaiah 14.12.17 deals more specifically with the rebellion of Lucifer and his later judgment.

This message deals with the first of those two passages: Ezekiel 28, Satan and His Original State.

[The PDF notes for this message are still in “draft” form. They will more than likely be presented complete with the next message on Isaiah 14.12-17.]